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Welcome to Master’s Space.

I would like to thank you for visiting our home page. Master’s Space was founded in 2007 to provide consulting service and develop optimization solution for the power market.

We have been providing consulting services for the various spectra of the power market including the market price forecasting, the generator’s utilization rate forecasting, designing various systems within the market. And regarding smart grid which is currently getting a lot of attention, we have developed demand response solutions for smart grid market system and smart grid environment.

Master’s Space is pursuing the goal of developing the optimization solution for generation scheduling with using only Korean technologies. Although, South Korea has enough domestic know-how for the field, we are still borrowing many technologies from foreign companies.

Master’s Space is getting prepared to compete in the international market by properly upgrading our product based upon the work experience in the field.

With our accumulated technology, we wish to create productive partnership with those of you who are actively participating in the power market.

Thank you.

Hae-Seong Jeong
Master’s Space.